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About Us

Welcome to The Messy House, a dessert cafe like no other, home to an endless variety of decadent desserts and savouries.

In our haven of self-indulgence, you will discover only the best quality ice-creams, waffles, pancakes, churros and cookie sandwich, not to mention the finest coffees, cheesy bites, stone baked pizzas and an atmosphere that is stylish and unique.

Every mouthful of The Messy House desserts and savouries is an absorbing, intensely pleasurable experience, so good that you can’t help but share it with those you love.

Messy Selection

Treat yourself to a new taste every day.

Monday Bubble Waffle

Indulge in these spherical shaped waffles filled with layers of ice-cream, brownie and sauces, garnished with premium toppings. Truly intense.

Tuesday Cake Dough

Delight in a combination of cake and donut topped with varied sauces. Available in different flavours, this dessert is a must try.

Wednesday Churros

Enjoy this simple snack of fried dough pastry dipped in rich chocolate sauce or combine it with your choice of ice-cream to experience the Churros sandwich.

Thursday Hand Churrned Icecreams

Select from an extensive range of flavours, these hand churned ice-creams are creamier, richer and smoother. We are sure you just cannot stop with one.

Friday Mac & Cheese Burger

Add a flavour of spice and cheesy delights to your palette from our wide range of savouries. Your taste buds will fall in love with our creation of Bagels, fries and pizzas.

Saturday Vegan

Are you a Vegan? Don’t worry, we have vegan options added to our extensive menu. Flavour and product range may vary by location.

Sunday Coffee

Our aromatic coffee beans are roasted with flair and brewed to perfection to give you a coffee that is rich in flavour and irresistible aroma. The place for coffee lovers.


Come Savour our unique delectable creations.

Cookie Sandwich

Have you ever tried a sweet variation to a sandwich? Cookies filled with choice of hand churned ice-cream dipped in chocolate sauce and rolled in chocolate chips. Truly intense.


Burnt butter with dark chocolate, chocolate caramel, Nutella Rocher.


A unique twist to the classic burgers for a sweet tooth. Dark chocolate ice-cream filled inside sweet buns topped with chocolate sauce and oreo crumbles.


Chocolate Hazelnut, Butterscotch caramel, Nutella, Oreowitch


Who doesn’t love pancakes, especially when served with delicious sauces and toppings?

Classic pancake in flavour of red velvet topped with white chocolate, white chocolate chips and red velvet crumble.


Cream Cheese and Blueberry, Maple, Nutella, Banana Caramel, Oreo, Dark chocolate, Red velvet


Finest Italian pizzas made from 100% natural ingredients and Italian mozzarella, hand stretched and stone baked, will surely set your mood apart.


Formaggi Pizza, Mac & Cheese, Margherita, Pesto Olive

Cheesy Bites

Succulent options to turn your attention away from the hypnotizing scent of desserts. Our house special fries are loaded with cheese and served with finger licking dips.


Raw banana fries, sweet potato fries, Cheesy sticks, Cheesy pancakes, Grilled cheesy bun, Pizza pockets, Waffle nachos.

messier the better...

Happy Customers

Cheesecake on a stick! Nutella topped with crunchy camramel balls, yummmmm if you share it with friends! We also tried their Mac n cheese burger which is a test for cheese lovers!! On a relaxed Saturday evening it's a fun places to catch up with friends

Shradha Hirawat

"I honestly think I've rediscovered my sweet tooth at this place."
My first ever experience and I recall it being probably one of the best. The service and hospitality was brilliant, not a single query unanswered. I would most definitely recommend this place if you have a sweet tooth and a significant dessert enthusiast like myself. The interior itself is very suave and sophisticated.

Nitesh Nagpal

Lovely chill place!! Basic ambience & exceptionally well trained staff!! Has both ac & non ac Accommodation..both are equally comfortable!!
Food is also superbbbbbbb!! I just love the place!!

Gandhi Rutu

Ordered the bubblegum shake, the Mac and cheese burger and a bagel.
the bubblegum shake was superb and had a candyfloss topping on it.
the Mac and cheese was superb, warm and a little spicy. absolutely loved the bagel, generous amount of cream cheese.

Urja Mavanl

When it comes to messy house it's generally known for it's bubble waffle.
And the best part is you can design your own waffle . N shakes, burgers are also quite good.
I like the ambience also. It's a sophisticated place Totally recommend

Jill Shah

So yesterday I went to this place. It’s mainly for the dessert thing. It’s cute little place with great ambience. First thing I tried was bubbly bubblegum sweet tacos. It looks like tacos filled with bubblegum ice cream and colourful sprinkles on top of it. The tacos was mainly made up of like waffle cone with white sauce on it. Second thing was Nutella cake dough.You will get both salty and sweet taste of nutella.
So my taste bud had become very sweet so ltried something spicy which is very popular dish of this place. It was cheesy bubble waffle wrap. It had French fries inside and some spicy sauces.
All the dishes here are very unique and tasty too.


Unique food + unique name best dessert I ever had best thing is the desert I ordered was full of chocolate must visit place and try new new things you will never regret it must visit place for foodies

Karlshma Wadekar

The messy house This place is having really good interior.
It was wonderful with it’s ambiance. We ordered here Loaded Grilled Butter Bun (Cheesy sticks stuffed between buttery bun with finger licking seasoning) & Loaded Grilled Butter Bun (House special mac&cheese+finger licking seasoning) Both were mouth watering the patis used in was having it’s unique taste and delicious! It was just perfect with all seasoning done in it. Thankyou The ratings are- Food-4/5 Ambiance-4/5 Staff-4/5

Foodie Bunny

The most trendy dessert bar to hang out ..
They have the most innovative desserts

Had ordered gllitery bubblegum waffle...and it was just super delicious.
Keep it up.guys

Jessica Soni

This is awesome place in Kandivali West .The way they have made this place is simple overwhelming the Ambience & staff is also friendly & d one & only food is amazing I was so stuffed I felt like a patatoe .Waffles & breads must try ..

Disha Mehta

The messy house is a heaven for all the dessert lovers. The place is situated in busy streets of mahavir nagar. I love the interior of the cafe which has the beautiful color combination of white, pink and black.Not only the desserts are good but the food over here is pretty enjoyable ! So what i ate and drank there?

1- The cheesy Pancake - The cheesy pancakes were definitely good . It actually took me back to the days where i used to eat a lot of cheetos. The spices and flavor were of similar kind. Generous amount of melted cheese with that finger licking sauce was just too good.

2- Ola churros - The classic churros with nutella were the best .They have 3 different dips i. e, Nutella, white chocolate and dark chocolate. I enjoyed every bite of it.! Recommended!

3-The unicorn Shake - The unicorn shake was quite exquisite. The vanilla shake topped with candy floss, Whipped cream and sprinklers was just treat to the taste buds. Recommended!



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